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8 Natural Foods To Include In A Cancer Patients Diet | Preventation Cancer

8 Natural Foods To Include In A Cancer Patients Diet

Natural Foods

A healthy and nutritious diet for cancer patients is very important and plays a huge role in their recovery. During the treatment, eating the right kind of diet helps one to stay positive and strong. A nutritious diet consists of fresh vegetables and fruits. They contain lots of chemicals that speed up the recovery. Here is a list of foods that can include in the daily diet. Please talk to your doctor about these foods before including them in the diet.

Ideal Diet for Cancer Patients:

Diet chart for cancer patients should be enriching and beneficial for health. Cancer treatment is harsh and causes a lot of side effects. Some of the side effects are hair loss, vomiting, abdominal pain, dry mouth, weakness and weight loss.
An ideal cancer patients diet will help fight all these side effects and also speed up the recovery for a cancer patient. The best of ingredients that have anti cancer properties are found in natural foods.
1. Eggs are a rich source of Vitamin B, D, E and proteins. The selenium content in eggs is known to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. It can reduce nausea, hair loss, abdominal pain and weakness.

2. Ginger is a herb that has several health benefits. There are no side effects from eating ginger. Patients who have ginger before the chemo treatment have reported less of the nauseating feeling.

3. Acai berry is rich in antioxidant properties. These small berries are used to combat several other diseases apart from cancer. A single berry has 11 times more antioxidants than an apple.

4. Peppermint is a good herb to reduce the after effects of cancer treatment. It relieves one from dry mouth and nausea. It also relieves anxiety. Controlling nausea will help prevent dehydration.

5. Soy is rich in protein and estrogen. Research has shown that soy helps to reduce the size of the tumor in breast cancer patients. It has an ingredient called geinstein which is very toxic for cancer cells. Cancer cells stop multiplying and actually disintegrate. However one thing to keep in mind is that soy may not be suitable for everyone.

6. Fresh vegetables like beans, lentils, legumes and peas are high in Vitamin B. They help in healing and cell repair. They are also good for strengthening the immune system. They increase the red blood cells and speed the recovery.

7. Butter milk is the best probiotic. It has more than 100 beneficial enzymes. These enzymes help fight against infections and also strengthen the immune system. There are many antibodies in buttermilk which guard one against common cold and cough. It also has anticancer properties.

8. Fresh green leafy vegetables have foliate and Vitamin B in them. They can be effective in fighting the harmful effects of cancer and its treatment. They are also rich in calcium and thus, strengthen the bones and aid in cell repair.


Before altering any part of the diet, one should discuss it with a nutritionist. However the above listed ingredients have not caused any harm to cancer patients. In fact, several doctors advice cancer patients to have natural foods. Fresh natural foods are loaded with vitamins and minerals that are enriching for the body. Also it has been noted that a cancer patient’s body absorbs these vitamins and minerals from natural foods. Natural foods like green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, carrots and beans are known to aid in the treatment of the disease. The cancer medications are more effective with a natural diet plan.

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Top 10 Healthy Foods To Prevent Cancer | Preventation against Cancer

Top 10 Healthy Foods To Prevent Cancer

Healthy Foods To Prevent Cancer

Cancer – the name itself is enough to send shivers down one’s spine! How many people do I know who suffered from this terrible disease? Too many, way too many! Yes, it can be cured, but not many are lucky enough to get treatment on time. Most suffer horribly before losing their battle against cancer.

Cancer is a type of disease in which the cells tend to get produced in a very abrupt and in an unrestricted manner, which takes over the body and kills it slowly but surely. Healthy living tends to reduce the chances of cancer as the exposure which causes damage to DNA gets reduced to a huge extent. So, do whatever you can to prevent cancer. Without much time, expense and effort, cancer can be prevented by an intake of foods listed below.

1. Garlic:

The allyl sulphur compounds present in garlic help to slow down the growth of tumor cells. Allyl sulphur prevents the division of cells which are caused by stress. The cancerous cells are prone to division and this compound nullifies the effect of division.


2. Broccoli:

Broccoli is highly concentrated with antioxidants, fiber, flavonoids etc. The antioxidants present in the green vegetable help in minimizing the destruction caused by free radical cells and also decrease the growth of cancerous cells. Use steamed broccoli as steaming keeps the flavonoids in the vegetable safe.


3. Brazilian Nuts:

If nuts are consumed daily, they can be very beneficial and healthy for the body as a whole. Being rich in selenium and anti-oxidants, nuts are very useful in fighting cancer. The selenium assists the cancerous cells to wither away themselves and helps in the repair of DNA.

Brazilian Nuts

4. Lemonade:

Lemonade and various other citrus fruits are very beneficial for health. The high concentration of vitamin C in lemon prevents the occurrence of cancer. A daily intake of this tangy beverage helps to keep the lungs and throat cancer free.


5. Blueberries:

The free radicals present in the body cause destruction of healthy cells and encourage the growth of cancerous cells. The antioxidants along with flavonoids present in blueberries prevent the damage and neutralize the effect of highly unstable atoms.


6. Mushrooms:

Mushrooms boost the immunity system of the body and help it fight against cancer. There are various types of mushrooms, but the ‘reishi’ mushrooms work best to minimize the effect of malignant tumors. The levels of haemoglobin are regulated by mushrooms, which reduces the risk of cancer.


7. Artichokes:

Artichokes contain an antioxidant called silymarin, which can help prevent epidermis cancer. The skin of the artichokes should be peeled properly and the spiky edges should be removed. Artichokes should then be boiled until they are soft. The leaves should be dipped in a sauce to get a good taste.


8. Green Tea:

Organic green tea is very healthy and beneficial for health if consumed on a daily basis. Green tea holds various cancer fighting properties and the antioxidants prevents the destruction of cells. Green tea is highly effective towards skin breast cancer etc. and the sucrose levels are highly regulated as well.

green tea

9. Wild Salmon:

An incorporation of wild salmon in a daily diet can prevent the occurrence of cancer. Wild Salmon contains omega fatty acids and is low in fats and calories. Wild Salmon can help prevent prostate cancer. Vitamin D present is Salmon helps to constrict the blood vessels and stops the growth of cancerous cells.

Wild Salmon

10. Kiwi:

Vitamin C is highly appreciated as a cancer fighting antioxidant and neutralizes the effect of free radicals. The folates, carotenoids and vitamin E etc. help reducing the effects of cancer. The kiwi fruit contains all these nutrients and can help the body protect itself against cancer.
Cancer is a painful disease Not only for the person suffering but for all those who love the cancer patient. The best thing, the kindest thing, you can do for your body is to protect it from cancer. A little effort on your part can help you and your loved ones lead a cancer free life.


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