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Natural Antibiotics | 5 Best Natural Antibiotics

5 Best Natural Antibiotics

*Garlic is a powerful, natural antibiotic - and it doesn't kill off our healthy bacteria like drug antibiotics do. Unlike chemical antibiotics, garlic is also an effective antiviral and antifungal - and taking just a few cloves of garlic each day can really speed infections away.

Garlic contains potassium and germanium, two minerals that are critical to good health, it is best known for its sulphur compounds, particularly allicin. These are the main phytochemicals that boost immunity and act as natural antibiotics.

Forget garlic powder. Most of its health benefits are long gone.

*Echinacea is an herb that promotes the proper functioning of the immune system, and it has antifungal and antiviral agents that help fend off infections.This herb also helps in relieving pain, in diminishing inflammation, and in providing the body with necessary antioxidants. It has been used to treat Candida infections, ear infections, sinusitis, athelete's foot, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, allergies and wounds. Consuming this herb at the onset of a cold can diminish the time that you experience cold symptoms.

*Oregano-One of the main benefits of Oil of Oregano is that it works as a natural antibiotic and is also antiviral

*Ginseng has been used for centuries as a therapy to treat failing vitality. However, the immune system benefits of ginseng include use against viruses, free radicals and even radiation. Siberian ginseng has been shown to help the body counteract and adapt to stress, increase vitality and strengthen the immune system. Ginseng works by increasing the activity of white blood cells, which fight bacterial and viral infections.

Green Tea
*Green tea—One of the active ingredients in green tea, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), has been identified in research as an effective agent against certain strains of oral bacteria. Since green tea has many other health benefits, including an impressive ability to break down excess fat in the body, it’s a great natural antibiotic to add to your daily diet. For best results, be sure to swish it around in your mouth.

Source: Michelle Schoffro Cook, - Nutrition Solution Lifestyle

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